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Tailgate Storage Mod - Suitable for use with 100/105 Series LandCruiser

Tailgate Storage Mod - Suitable for use with 100/105 Series LandCruiser

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Surface Finsh

This precision laser cut steel modification plate allows you to turn your tailgate into a

locked compartment within your car. You can use the space to store recovery gear,
spare parts or anything else that will fit and you want to keep secure.

This is a DIY kit and requires you to trim away some of the metal in the tailgate. To assist
with this, we provide step by step easy to follow instructions and a handy template to
show where the cuts are required. This can be performed with tin snips, a jigsaw or an
angle grinder.

By default, the kit will be painted black and ship with all mounting hardware required
such as nuts, bolts, hinge and associated rivets as well as the heavy duty low profile
locks. Dense sound deadening material is included to protect the interior of your
tailgate and eliminate rattles. The second picture shows the current lock type that we
are using, itis a ‘pop lock’ style flush mount rather than the larger circular ones seen in
some of the images.

You have the option of also ordering a marine carpet finish. Marine carpet is highly
recommended unless you plan to cover the tailgate yourself as the powder coating will
get damaged over time without it.

**Note** - check which lock barrel type you have before purchase (last picture). If your
mounts to a bracket inside the tailgate it will need to be removed to install this tailgate.
You have three options in this case. 1: Make up a custom bracket to support the barrel,
2: Find a spare key barrel from the wreckers similar to the one pictured in the last photo,
or 3: Remove the barrel altogether and fit the hole with a grommet that we supply.

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