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Gear Knob Set & Extension - to suit most LandCruisers

Gear Knob Set & Extension - to suit most LandCruisers

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Transform your LandCruiser's driving dynamics with our Sleek Shifting Duo, a perfect combination of style and ergonomic design specifically crafted for 70 Series models and compatible with 60, 80, and 100 Series Cruisers, as well as most Hilux models.

Leather Gear Knobs: Enhance your vehicle's interior with our premium leather gear knob set. This stylish addition not only elevates the aesthetic of your Cruiser with its sleek black leather finish but also provides a comfortable, secure grip for effortless shifting. Designed to blend seamlessly with your LandCruiser's interior, it promises an upgraded touch of elegance and a superior tactile experience.

Gear Stick Extension: Complement your gear shift setup with our high-quality Aluminium gear stick extension. Finished in a sophisticated black anodized coating, this CNC-machined extension is engineered to provide a more ergonomic angle for gear changes. It reduces strain during long drives, ensuring comfort and ease of use. The extension seamlessly integrates with your factory gear stick, enhancing both function and form.

Both the leather gear knob and gear stick extension feature a universal thread size of M12x1.25, ensuring a perfect fit and easy installation for a wide range of LandCruiser models and other compatible vehicles. Upgrade your LandCruiser with our Sleek Shifting Duo for a smoother, more stylish driving experience.

Included: 1 x Leather Gear Knob, 1 x Leather Transfer Case Knob, 1 x Gear stick extension (choose your desired length)



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Customer Reviews

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chris francis


Elliot Noble

Gear Knob Set & Extension - to suit most LandCruisers

Martin Lodge

Poor quality internal thread.

Craig Grace

Good thing great service

rob irving
Gear nob set and extension

Gear nob set was very well made and fits great , extension was good, but I installed the quad lock mount and uhf mount for the dashboard, unfortunately the cruiser extension fouls on phone when changing gear so removed extension and all good, will use it on another vehicle .

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